Paul Violi 1944-2011

4 Apr



How very sad to report that another beloved friend, teacher and poet has passed: Paul Violi.  One of my very first poetry friends in New York City.




The night is nothing more than the night,

the moon little more than the moon.

But what better light to fill in the blanks

of a long conversation, the simple fact

of it filling those barren seas:

Sea of Clouds, Sea of Nectar, Sea of Dew.



Colors, too, and cold facts are enough,

the champions of a poem, a conversation,

whatever’s on the move — A voice slow

and easy like chilled Vodka.

Or, as Clarity said to me,

“Let’s shoot the breeze.

The night is a little bluer than last night,

the moon a little more than full.”



One Response to “Paul Violi 1944-2011”

  1. Stacey Harwood April 9, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    Please post your thoughts and memories of Paul Violi over at the Paul Violi tribute page. We’ll gather them all together and present them to his family.

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